Current Exhibition

November 7 -November 22, 2019, Artists Council Exhibition, Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert



October 2019 Human Concrete, Boggieland, Amsterdam

September 2019 AMOA Utopie, Ruimte voor Idealen, The Hague

November 2018 SBK Sprouts Young Talents, SBK Kunstuitleen & Galerie, Amsterdam

November 2018 Fake predictions of the magic 8-Ball, De Vlieg, Haarlem

July 2018 Graduation Festival at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague

February 2018 Artbnb Festival 070, The Hague

January 2018 New Year New Me, WORM, Rotterdam

December 2017 Nokia’s TagLine, MOOF, The Hague

May 2017 Turn Left on Supernova, De Besturing, The Hague

April 2017 Spring Festival, The Royal Conservatory, The Hague

December 2016 The Shark’s Pretty Teeth, NieuweVide, Haarlem

Mars 2016 (De)quantify me, TENT, Rotterdam

January 2016 Kirkuk exhibition, Kirkuk restaurant, The Hague

Decembre 2015 Otsefinam (Manifesto), TENT, Rotterdam

November 2015 Show More, Stroom, The hague

December 2014 Easy show, Exo Gallery, The hague



Metropolis M, Graduation Show 2018: KABK Lorelinde Verhees, 12th July 2018

MISTER MOTLEY, Art & Everyday Life KABK Graduation, 21st July 2018

JEGENS & TEVENS, KABK Graduation Festival Connie van Driel, July 2018

JEGENS & TEVENS, ‘Nokia’s TagLine / The pre graduates of KABK’ Connie van Driel, 14th November 2017

JEGENS & TEVENS, ‘Toon Fibbe / The Shark’s Pretty Teeth’ Jegens, 29th December 2017
de Volkskrant
, ‘Ik zie jou niet als seksueel, maar als one of the guys’ Jeanne Prisser, 15th April 2016


September 2013- 2018, Graduated in Fine Art at the 
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

January 2013- June 2013, Orientation year in visual arts and design MK24, Amsterdam

2008-2012, Collège Calvin, Geneva